Company Profile

Han King Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Wu Chen-Jung in 1984.Due to Mr. Wu’s interests in ancient Chinese literature and culture, he named the company, "Han King" to depict the grandeur of Chinese culture through the years.

We are the manufacturer of blown film machines. In the past thirty-five years, Han King has relentlessly accumulated vast experience, from manufacturing mono-layer machine to two-layer, three-layer and five-layer machines. We develop and produce our own rotary die, embossing device, 360-degree oscillating haul-off, internal bubble cooling system, automatic air ring and other blown film machine components.

Han King is certified to ISO9001 quality management system. We place serious emphasis on quality control and internal process control. We provide complete after-sales service, quick response and fast support team, to solve customers’ queries in the shortest time. We do it all by ourselves to enhance customer satisfaction and expand market competitiveness.

Our headquarter is in Taiwan. We started in a factory in Min Hsiung township, Chiayi county. Mr. Wu’s management policy is "training talent, upgrading technology, developing market". From renting our original factory for thirty years, to purchasing our own land in 2017 to build our own factory, we have now moved to our brand-new factory in Dapumei industry park, Dalin township, Chiayi county in June 2019.

Han King Factory in Dapumei

Our Business Philosophy


Our top R & D team, accumulates mass of technology-intensive, innovate to go beyond old idea, and testing continually. From original mono layer blown film machine to 5 layers big equipment, we have created excellent results. Now we do our utmost achieve to target of unmanned operate automation. Expect to achieve more benefits for the industries.


We based on ISO 9001 be our spirit of quality, focus on quality managing and details, adhere to "create profits for customers" to allow customers to have the higher the quality and stability of the equipment, so as to enhance the competitiveness. In line with customers' success is the success of the Company to the joint efforts, so that the pursuit of supreme quality realm.


In accordance with the basic principles of the step at a time, the service is more important than the most business-oriented, service is business, service is market, and the service that is the future of our company, so the Han King keeping the customers return rate more than 85%. Overall planning before running the machine, repeated tests before delivery, perfect testing data save, technology exchange and excellent service after sale after delivery, all achieving to the requirements of our customer highest standard.


We provide advanced technology, superior quality equipment and a reasonable formula is recommended to allow customers to smooth production, plenty of money, career development.

Assamble Assamble Bubble Cage

New Milestone - Solar Power System Installation

Due to the objective of alternative energy and the goal of environmental sustainability, Han King has invested twenty million NT dollars in the solar power system in our new factory at Dapumei. The 499 kw solar power system has been installed in the roof of the factory. Based on an average power generation of 1,231 degrees per kW in a year, the solar power system can generate about 610,000 degrees of electricity in a year.

The installation was completed on December 23, 2019.

The electricity consumption of Han King is about 200,000 degrees in a year. The electricity generated from the solar panels can be self-sufficient for the whole factory. The excess 400,000 degree electricity is supplied to Taiwan Power Company to be distributed to the local residents.

We do our best and fulfill corporate social responsibility.

Solar Power System