Han King: New high-capacity FFS heavy duty packaging film production machine launch at K-2022

The trend of the petrochemical industry has a great demand for heavy-duty packaging equipment.

The petrochemical industry is growing rapidly in developing countries. The extraction of petroleum produces various materials like fuel oil, fuel gas, asphalt and others. Some of them are directly use as fuel for our daily usage. Some are reprocessed into staple merchandises. All these materials will end up visible around us, which can be proof of the value that the petrochemical industry is inseparable from human life these days.

petrochemical plant
In the past, various resin materials processed from petroleum were packaged using woven bags, which were made using complicated processes. The woven bags are weakened when exposed to ultraviolet light for long period and are difficult to recycle. Production of woven bags require much manpower using multiple production processes. The emergence of the FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) automatic packaging line has made a great contribution in overcoming these shortfalls. The FFS film needs only a one-station production process to produce the film required for packaging. Producer can further increase the film properties by adjusting the raw material formulation. Compared with the woven bags, FFS film is more durable in storage and preservation. Moreover, the heavy-duty bags are possible to reuse and to recycle, since it is made of polyethylene raw materials. It can be re-granulated through the recycling process and then used in FFS film or other products. This plays a part to environmental protection that countries have been paying attention to, in recent years.

Along with the continued development of process machineries and sustainability, producing thinner gauge films are gaining importance. Not only are thin films beneficial in reducing the use of resources on Earth, it is also important to reduce raw material costs for producers. The high production capacity of machine has been the common goal pursued by various manufacturers since the beginning. However, faced with diversified film demand in the market, producing higher performance films while downgauging the thickness, and to achieve maximum production capacity are the high considerations for manufacturers.

FFS film entire rolls
Han King FFS blown film machines have high performance to cost ratio
In 2009, Han King developed the three-layer FFS blown film machine, producing 350 kg per hour output, in cooperation with China National Petroleum Corporation and Sino Petroleum Corporation. In 2011, it developed the KING-COOL automatic air ring, which increases the production capacity by 30%. It has achieved production capacity of 280 kg per hour at Chinaplas Exhibition in the same year. In the following years, Han King exhibited high-capacity machines of 320 kg and 350 kg per hour output, at Chinaplas Exhibitions. In 2014, it successfully linked the printing machine and inner embossing device to run in-line to the FFS blown film machine. The machine is working as a one-station production unit by saving layout space in the factory, saving production time and reducing waste materials from stopping machine to change the rolls. It also benefit in reducing the demand of manpower and operating cost for users.

The heavy duty blown film machine by Han King is now a mature machine in the market. It has successfully manufactured at more than 50 units since 2009. Han King values each customer from their operating experience via feedback. Through these feedback from customers, it made further improvements and upgrades to the machines. These improvements on machine automation enable returning customers to enjoy better and improved blown film machines every time they repurchase.

FFS blown film machine Demonstration of high-capacity five-layer FFS heavy duty blown film machine at K-2022
Han King five-layer FFS blown film machine uses the extruder combination of 55+65+85+65+55. The distribution ratio of the raw materials is 1:2:4:2:1, which increases the overall extrusion volume to achieve the production capacity of 450 kg per hour.

As the extrusion volume increases, the cooling performance of the machine needs to be matched accordingly. Compared to the original machine, the cooling performance of the automatic air ring and the internal bubble cooling (IBC) system is further improved. When the machine is running at high speed, the film can achieve cooling within a certain distance from the die. In addition, film cooling is accelerated through the cooling device before the film reaches the take-up rollers. This added cooling process improves the film blocking property of the final finished product. The five-layer FFS machine allows users to have more flexibility in raw material formulation and down-gauging thickness for more cost-effective products.

FFS blown film machine and gravimetric feeding dosing system
Throughout the K2022 Exhibition, Han King will be streaming live, direct from our factory in Taiwan, the operation of the five-layer FFS blown film production line. You can watch the complete process from set-up, bubble formation, stable operation to the final finished product. Show visitors may view the live stream from our booth or watch on our YouTube channel and Facebook.

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