Multi-layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

Multi-layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

five-layer Blown Film Machine for lamination film

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Applications: Stand-up pouch, Soft tube (tooth paste tube), Beverage pack, Lamination film, Protection film, Stretch film, Stretch hood heat shrinking film

  • stand-up pouch
  • hot shrink film wrapping bottles
  • lamination film apply in toothpaste
  • base film substrate
  • black & white poly film
  • mulch film in Agriculture
  • stretch hood wrapping sacks on a pallet

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  1. Nowadays, flexible packaging replaces the containers that need lots of energy to manufacture as like timber, paper boxes, glass and steel. Because flexible packaging has lower temperature required in processing than above materials, the emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced extremely. It is no doubt that the development of flexible packaging becomes the new market trend currently.

    The usage of flexible packaging is covered in consumer and industrial goods, food, medical treatment and electronic products and it could be as prevention film, protection film, shrink film and so on. The flexible packaging industry emphasizes to how to downgauge the film structure and possess multiple different performances simultaneously. The multi-layer machines could be possible to achieve the expected outcome. The multiple materials in multi-layer machine could give different performances in each layer. Also, it could be more flexible to arrange the distribution of material that let users could manipulate the resins more extensive to reduce the cost in material and production.

    In current time, at the issue of sustainability, people pay attention to the possibility in recycling to reuse and biodegradable material development. In the flexible packaging industry, it is an opportunity and a challenge for each manufacturer to realize high-performance film, at the same time, to save energy and to be friendly to environment.

    Please feel free to contact us and tell us the information about the film, King-Plus will provide a tailor-made blown film machine to your requirement.

  2. five layer blown film production line for lamination film

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Three-layer Lamination blown film machine

With internal bubble cooling system, 360 degrees oscillating haul-off and back to back double winders.

Five-layer blown film machine for lamination Film