Stretch Hood Blown Film Production Line

Stretch Hood Blown Film Production Line

Multi-Layer Stretch Hood Blown Film Machine


Applications: Beverages, bottled goods and packaged food Large and small electric appliances Products packed in bags such as chemicals, sand, cement, soil and peat. Packaging materials and paper. Building products such as bricks, tiles and insulation materials.


  1. People replace stretch wrap film with stretch hood film. The stretch hood film has excellent holding force and extraordinary elasticity, so that it could cover the cargo tightly and prevent the stacked sacks from collapsing. It improves the security in logistic transportation greatly. Furthermore, it has high puncture resistance to protect the goods and provides good transparency that assist people to distinguish the content of cargo and to scan the labels.

  2. Specification

  3. Layers: 3 / 5 layer
    Distribution ratio: 1:2:1, 1:3:1, 1:1:2:1:1, 1:2:4:2:1 and so on.
    Film width: 1500 ~ 1850 mm
    Output: 280 ~ 450 kg/hr

  4. stretch hood machine

    ♦ Five-layer stretch hood machine and the oscillating haul-off device.

    stretch hood machine

    ♦ Five-layer stretch hood machine was displayed in ChinaPlas 2017.


Five-layer blown film machine for stretch hood.